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11 ave SW design district

F2 offers unique and exclusive products, carrying its own independently designed and created furniture lines as well as other local and international furniture, accessory and artworks.

Many furniture lines offer full customization to help fit your space, and navigate challenges with condo size or interior dimensions.

Pieces that challenged interpretation was the ‘Shark’ coat rack


Shark coat rack and swivel chair

and Italian swivel stool:

Italian swivel stool

Fish condos (as they can be stacked)

Fish condo and clock

Art – several pieces to choose from:


An impressive collage from magazine pages by Virut Panchabuse:

Thai girl no 3 Virut Panchabuse

Breezy by Chuthip Chinchokchai:

Breezy by Chuthip Chinchokchai

F2 offers in-store and in-house consultation

1210 11 Ave SW, Calgary

(403) 452-2881

Mon - Sat 10-6pm
Sun 12 - 5pm

F2 also has an Edmonton showroom.