Reclaimed Trading Co.

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Inglewood design district

A great source for rare finds and solid building materials from prairie barns, outdated urban offices, and abandoned hotels.

Hell on Wheels wooden box

You may find rustic signs, tin cans, lanterns, side tables, doors, windows or a way to create a rustic look with barn wood, furniture & millwork.

This 6,000-square-foot reclaimed, reused, repurposed warehouse in Ramsay, is home to salvaged materials and unique finds from sources across Canada, particularly B.C. and Alberta.

Reclaimed items from movie sets have also been available here, including Fargo and Hell On Wheels.

Kelly rescues timbers and treasures from weathered barns, has salvaging cedar from Calgary’s courthouse and removed old growth fir from a cannery in B.C.  He also transforms materials into reborn lights, tables, and furniture.  Custom work can be requested for furniture, residential or commercial projects.

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845 24 ave se

(403) 399-2903

Saturday July 14, 2016 10am-2pm